Speakers Committee

Our goal is to provide speakers to groups who want to learn more about the climate crisis we are in and how they can engage to forward solutions to our situation.

There are 3 ways we can do this

  1. By sponsoring outside speakers, arranging logistics, and publicizing events, as we did with Gene Fry.
  2. Using our members who are trained, skilled and willing speakers to speak to local groups.

Jim D’Aloisio is a trained leader of the Climate Reality Project and has spoken widely to professional engineering groups.  Peter Wirth is a leader in the Climate solutions arena and has spoken to a wide range of audiences.   Peter Michel and Carina Paton are Toastmasters with experience in public speaking.

  1. One of our speakers could have an impact by accompanying one of our films and conducting follow up discussions – suggesting areas of action people might like to engage in. As an example, folks following the viewing of Chasing Ice, engaged in a letter writing campaign and formed a new Citizens’ Climate Lobby group.

We will work with the media committee to publicize the opportunity available and to seek groups to speak to.   A procedure will be developed to facilitate a smooth event.

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