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Become a CCAA Member. Join our mailing list and/or come to our regular meetings!

Want to know how you can get involved?  When our next meeting is?  What we are doing next?  Not sure if you have the skill or time to volunteer?

Email/message/call us! 

Call or Text: (315) 308-0846

Email: cc.awareness.action@gmail.com

You can also join one of our three committees!

Want to learn why climate change is an issue affecting all of us? We are looking for individuals who want to help in publicizing the films on climate change available for showings in the community and help organize those showings.


Media Committee

We are looking for volunteers who have an interest or experience in social media, web design, writing, photography, and journalism.


Speaker's Committee

Our goal is to provide speakers to groups who want to learn more about the climate crisis we are in and how they can engage to forward solutions to our situation.