Thank you Nickels Energy Solutions for your support

Special THANK YOU! To Nickels Energy Solutions for being a Terrestrial Level Sponsor for the People’s Climate March- CNY. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support for our effort in promoting education and action about climate change to the Central New York area.

Here at Climate Change Awareness and Action, our goal is to make sure that facts about climate change are accessible and prominent in the area. We also appreciate the work that Nickels Energy Solutions has done for Central New York. They not only provide residential and commercial solar PV installations, but also work to educate consumers about the environmental benefits of solar PV. They also provide services for car port installations and EV charging stations.

Your generous donation will go a long way to helping us organize events like the People’s Climate March- CNY. In fact, with your gift, we will be able to make this event free to the public.

Thank you once again for your donation. It means the world to us!

If you would like to donate to Climate Change Awareness and Action, visit our fundraising page: Make a contribution!


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