Smackdowns and Climate Change Skeptics

Recently, there has been news circulating around Facebook with headlines like:

“Astrophysicist Katie Mack lays the smackdown on mansplainer with droll Twitter burn”

Where Katie Mack replies to a climate change skeptic’s Twitter comment. (to read the twitter conversation click on the title above)

Katie had posted her tweet just after a televised Q&A panel between Physicist Brian Cox and Australian Senator Malcom Roberts. During the Q&A session, Brian Cox displays empirical evidence that climate change is happening. Senator Malcom Roberts replies to his evidence by saying that the numbers have been manipulated by NASA. With no proof or evidence to back his claims, Senator Malcom Roberts, is a clear example of a climate skeptic. Watch the video: “Experts and Empirical Evidence Q&A full episode 8/15/2016”

Those who know that climate change is happening must address the fact that there ARE climate change deniers, and that there are many of them. To me these public bouts on twitter and the television have brought up several questions such as:

Why are there still climate change deniers, even with the vast amounts of scientific evidence? 

What is it that makes them turn away from scientific evidence? 

How do we communicate with climate deniers? 

What can we do to make them understand? 

but even if we cannot convince the skeptics and deniers that climate change is real, I feel like one of the biggest questions is: What can we do NOW? 

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