Response: Trump’s views on climate change are threatening human civilization (Your letters)

On October 12, 2017 the Post Standard published a Letter to the Editor titled “Trumps views on climate change  are threatening human civilization” denouncing President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris agreement and also his decision to back out of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which sought to limit carbon emissions from coal power plants. The Trump Administration’s controversial actions caused an uproar around the world especially in times when extreme weather patterns have been occurring with more ferocity than has ever been recorded.

Syracuse Record Rainfall:

Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and  Maria:

California Wild Fires:

Portugal Wildfires:

Thank you Peter F. Cannavo for writing into the Post Standard. We think it is important that people who believe in climate change state their support and that letters like yours give others the courage to speak out.

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Trump’s views on climate change are threatening human civilization (Your letters)

Trump’s views threaten planet

To the Editor: Over the past month we have seen unusually powerful and devastating hurricanes, extremely destructive forest fires and record-breaking heat waves. Closer to home, autumn has felt more like midsummer.

My daughter’s high school soccer team had two consecutive games canceled because temperatures topped 90 degrees in late September. We might be enjoying the bizarre summer weather here in Central New York, but climate change represents one of the greatest existential threats to human civilization.

However, President Donald Trump has chosen this time to follow up on his rejection of the Paris Climate Agreement by scrapping President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

He is also developing a plan for the energy grid that will subsidize coal, the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fuel, thus undermining renewables like wind and solar.

Trump and his rightwing allies are so invested in undoing every shred of Obama’s legacy and in fighting a culture war to save a dying coal industry that they are willing to endanger the future of our nation, our children and our planet.

Peter F. Cannavo


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