Opt Outside

REI Closes Shop for Black Friday (Nov.25th)

The popular sporting and out door retail store is closing their shops on Black Friday and asking: Will you go out with us?

This movement started in 2015 encouraging people to go outside and enjoy Black Friday with their families and friends. REI hopes to help people reconnect with the environment and start the holiday season with meaningful moments.

The consumerist lifestyle has been embedded into American life. Black Friday Shopping encourages people to go and spend money to boost the economy. However, consumerism has a dark side. With more products to be made and more things to be had. Each one of those bits has a carbon footprint, expecially with one time use items. If more people #optoutside we can step away from consumerism, enjoy the outdoors, and slow down climate change.

Want to be a part of #optoutside? REI shows you how: https://www.rei.com/black-friday

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Photo credit: Pragmatic and Fresh Business Solutions