Indigenous Activists Fight the Dakota Access Pipeline

The #NoDAPL Movement comes about as the construction of a 1,172 mile pipeline meant to transfer crude oil from North Dakota across the United States began. This controversial pipeline has made headline news as indigenous people across the world stand in solidarity with The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who protest this pipeline with concerns over native land and water supplies.

The construction of this pipeline has huge environmental implications. One of which is Climate Change. Similar to the issues with the Keystone Pipeline, this transfer of crude oil supports the use of fossil fuels by making them more accessible. More than ever we should be supporting alternative energies like wind and solar power and transition away from fossil fuels. Yet, the construction of this pipeline makes a big statement: The USA does not want to part with fossil fuels.

Now is not the time to sit back and see how things progress. Now is the time we must speak up and show in actions that we want change. The consequences of Climate Change is bigger than whether or not you are able to fill your car with gasoline that day.

If you want to help contribute to the cause, visit other98 or look for local support.